Tuesday, February 23, 2010

the day of me..

My favorite day is on tuesday, wednesday and friday. Here is my story of tuesday. First, i was in duty for prefect . after that, I go to the class and wait for the teacher come, we have learn mathematics and this thursday we will going to have a math rivision and try to reverse of form4 mathematics. This morning i was very energertic, But i don't know why. This was my pleasent day i think. Then, History subject, what a boring subject that we learned but what to do? Its spm paper we should master. Must be emberrasing if we not pass the exam for sejarah, because of the sciences student. we should master in sejarah anyway. Recess is just ringing, i din't bring my water for drink so i should spent my money just for a drink "the bunga". Besides that, my friends Lorreta is scare of blood or painful because she want to take a blood test for good. I try to comfort her but i can't. What you all knows about account? account is like "money income, money comeout " i think you should read the books, is hard for me to explain.The cold atmosphere make me always want me to go to toilet, after that, i just try to wait for come home, I think my home toilet is most beautiful toilet and clean toilet. If you try to be dirty make tatty in class, i was thought to bring Dettol wash hand . Because of the germs,virus makes people sicks. I tried to be more careful about life, this atmostphere is isn't that good. we went back from college 12.45pm , then after that, i have to go to canteen for meeting for the treasure hunt for prefect on this saturday , started at 8 something then finished around 12 somethings. But, all of the planers should come more earlier about 6.3o am to do somethings for the treasure hunt. Me and my friends Felicia ragai walk along in the road form schools to house, we transit at a stall and bought some drinks. I was very thirsty and i buy 100plus drink. what a hot day after that. I am lonely.. very lonely...

I hope from others friends was here or cousions....for walking at afternoon..
eileen, kristine , barat, jason , and other who is from town.
Must be great if we walk together under the hot sun. Burn ours calouries.. when we walking.. anyway.. have a nice day.may god bless you all... Love You lord!!

Monday, February 15, 2010


st jame's park. enchanting people
Hyde park in spring
picadilly circus is famous of the underground tube
big band is located along the river.
LONDON is england and england is a BRITAIN.
the capital city of england is LONDON
and part of its division is MANCHESTER, LIVERPOOL,
ENGLAND is the Top university and it is OXFORD University , READING University
and CAMBRIDGE University.
first flew to trip to LONDON.
first day and exicted day at 7p.m in KLIA(KUALA LUMPUR INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT) on board flight 11.55pm to Heathrow (london). MALAYSIA AIRLINES on board B747 with big body of aircraft. First dine/supper that we had is lot of choice. fish and chip, lamb chop, chicken chop. and salad. at second time dine/supp/ is rice and satay rice. the breakfast was with coraisaint , milk, tea, milo, vico and juice. with bread and nasi goreng MALAYSIA.
Ready for landing at 5.19a.m (LONDON TIME) first looked at windo. see the trafalgar square. and london bridge. then, the flaps is 50degree down and finally touch down in heathrow international airport in terminal 4. the new terminal builiding.

LONDON has its unique place. Example. Buckingham palace, trafalgar square , hyde park, , st james park, big band ,picadilly circus and madam tusaud( wax people)

london is four season place, autmn, winter, spring, summer. In summer , the temp is up to 18 to 23* calcius. Not to bad as malaysia. hot till 35*c.
snow is always fall in december, january and febuary.sometime the snow fall in march and april.


Dublin is the place where you love enjoying it's atmosphere.
you often out going with your friends and family
ecxpacially hiking, and relaxing for comfort.
in winter snow fall and covered the city and the mount over a month.
while in summer , the sky is blue and the flowers is enchanting us..
this place is also offering world wide world student to seat the university.
the student will teach to live in life style and country style.
The great environment of atmosphere give heart to live more longer.
leen.. u should study here. so i can be there.. haha.. would be great if migrated too

Sunday, February 14, 2010



Tuesday, February 9, 2010

a bad person will......

they think who am I.. the stupid people in this world shouldn't be good person.
I appear the phone number here so that he or she will inlisted o138059514.
what about jelousing, stalkers then use the new number so that she or he would no appear his or her name in phone. I don't know how gangster is it. I think the gangster is in low people carrier. No discipline, Tolerate , kindful , inop , She or he no plan to go to. the person is thought that she or he would be the gangster the whole life. No offence!!!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

what am saying is a bad word?

What i am saying to people is it the bad word i use ?.
Because, when i were talk to people they simply ignore us. I 'm so sad ..
Very- very sad. they are all totally right. Me is totally wrong.
this is usually happen to me. But i just make myself ok and ok . actually not.
Every morning when i start the topic then no Ending. Every minute i want to start the talk , someone in. every hours i seat then they make me stand. I 'm so tired to have this style over here. They though me a what!! piss up not piss of anymore.

The friendship is always no ending. if they are die. that's all.
Just be patient, Like me. I just sitting alone and work harder to find the answer.
Pretending Not clever in class but inside " something in mind".

Those books are in my story today

Today storiessss........
As i come to school i feel so anxios because of the stomach ache.
I try to go home.But, something stop me to go home. No car how they want to pick me up.
I just stay still till recess, I can stand finally.
Up to after recess, bahasa Malaysia and additional mathematics.
My teacher Cikgu Kasuma says she did see me on Bintulu.org .Oh my god i said..
It's okey. I 'm not feel tatty anyway.

Additional mathematics subject. As well, Me and my friends seat behind talking talking a lot till the jam is finished at 12.45opm o'clock.
we talk a lot . we talk everything. How to tell. "just talking" but, we have study addmath . talking sambil menulis sambil belajar kata orang

Now... Im ready for my tusyen class.
will be contineo..

Saturday, February 6, 2010

My friends name's

This is the list of my classmate of 2010 of smk kidurong class 5 sciencse 4 student;
Melchizedek michael is the prefect of the class, and adliya is my patner of the prefect. The class moniter is Cathrine and moniter assistance is Hamizah. The tresurer is Micheel Marara, Caroline is my best friends since we were form 4 and rowina too. we have plan that we should be same univesity (for hoping onlu). We talking a lot when we form 4 . they 're all talkactive person. I like them, they have nice humor that make me laugh all the time, Where is guys? we actually least of guys , I name those of them, first is Dhony; he is very closed with Cath , Fabiola is also have the same love with fredrick jimmy. Rahim is always being bully among friends.I pity of him actually. How dare them make Rahim is bad person. Haziq is the closed friend with Siti aien. Siti ain is good in addtional mathematic. Teacher Chiun is always proud with her.. Elii and letry is a bestfriends. siti nuraliza is the singer.hahaha.not actually. she has a nice smile when she get shy. Azra and Masmawati always make people smile and laugh. Lessica and clarise is bestfriends , lessica is small anc cute.hahaha. where is chinese? haa.. here is the question, tiong,kong,angeline and daniel have the same rate. I love talk to them with chinese talk. they all good in mathematic and additional mathmatic. Jeremy is always love to talk..while aderly always make people smile too..we all happy in class with its study. we study together in class. we pay attention in class. we had a bad day together in class. This would be our best of memories for form 5. I hope, when we're not in school. i try to meet them in a year. lyne love to smile ,also helen .. we love to talk when so boring in class.

Saturday story of me.

Hi again, today story was very tired. everytime people tired .haia
anyway, where should i start. from start to end?
let start from end.hahaha
first period of class, is pendidikan moral, second is Pj, third is bahasa malaysia then rest. then contineu with biology then additional mathematics. Today we doing some of the biology experiment It was going well, but the experiment took so long till our material is nor longer used.we cut the first tree , after cutting. the stem is appear in atmosphere. so, we have to do one more time. me and my friends, go as far as we found the thin stem and nice leaf. after the experiment is held. we look friends experiment have done. what a slowly sciencetis' t are we. But, It's okey. I love more doing Chemistry Experiment. doing peka is one of the problem of each day.

additional mathematics is fun! Now days i don't know what i 'm doing. with my friends, he/she teach me in additional mathematics. i think cikgu kalah of my friends. my friends teach is awesome. they have they own fomula in their head.
No need teacher anymore.but, sometime we need teacher rite? haa..
finished of the class, i going to the kakitangan akedemik to send my friends borang which is for maklumat pelajar.

Hari kerjaya pada 22.march. 2010. See, what i want to take after get the spm slip/result. They will show us what we should do.

fin of the day. it would be at night story.

will be contineo..

Friday, February 5, 2010

study in U.K

This is a joke!

once in the while, she or he wanted study in U.K , then the kuno friends was asking where is U.K. then, she or he replied " you don't know where is U.K" then the friend reply " i think i know " is it where we study now? is it in Ulu kapit then for short form is U.K rite? then the friends aslo stun. Wow, i also want to study in U.K , But, here don't have an University?

she and he replied" what the heck"
its not in Ulu kapit, It is in United kingdom,. do you know where is it..
then, the friends replied with emotion. yeah i know.. its here. the mountain name is united kingdom in ulu kapit. oh that why the U.K is name..

terribly the she or he is fed up.

The stories of the day.

Today I my friend were in PJK class,first we played a congkak. , afterthat, around 1 minute, teacher asked :for Please count your weight balanced and height. I was so shock because now my weight is 6+kg, then, i was so shock about my height too,but okey for me.My height is okey . Is about 170. last year is 169.

then, we had a diagnostic test for Biology. My result is okey not over 15. plus plus. i think about tusyen , it help me.waseh. nice ow.. i hope for becoming exam . I hope that i can score for biology, chemistry and additional mathematics and mathematics. For those subject: Bahasa malaysia is improving already, my english same rate all the time, I hope mathematic can score too, those , exp pendidikan moral i want to score that too. I mean all of them. including Sejarah.haha.. Leen, what to do kan? sejarah is in SPM paper ..wow!!!

In the last period of school is Additonal mathematics. I thought it was tough question, i suddenly recall of mathematic formula, naa. me and my friends Nurulshah work harder in that paper, cause the paper carry a nice mark. thank you cikgu roger!! we called the teacher is "lau sxe" haha. well, have learn chinese with my friends in class " kongker chou wan liau" apa keja rumah is mean.
then, i think a lot of chinese word. "ni she liau ma" have you eaten yet is mean.

in the Bye bye for class room, everyone look so tired because tomorrow we have going to school, what a tired day of febuary, but, nice to have a study rite.? its advanture. haha. I like it. just for 1 year. stay focus all the time.. i have a friends "Masmawati" after the biology class. Me and my other friends was discussing about the cell in blood and the heart . then she tell me. " wah' you stay focus ow!!then, i answer the question " ofF course." hahaha

will be contieneu.......

The stories of the day.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

from college to University.
so study hard ..
Just reach the star and achieve the high aim.
sacrifise our time in school is better.
Everyone has gone with triple money is come from study. This is what i do now, once i were online, once i don't. once i busy , once i not doing anything.
just experience what we gonna do about 5years now.

for hope, in the bless of god help me through the tough year that we gonna seat on december. Give the best result. "don't stop believing" what did oprah say to us of over the world. Oprah is high achievers. Look on Bill gates, see he take a lot of study. he from harvard usa.wow!!
so dont stop believing.. keep going. keep going till you're succed..

My day !

first in the morning , i was very exited because " friends"
But, when reach of afternoon, suddenly headache
I drink lot of water, i think it din't work. I just get a Oxygen/fresh air from outside and smile.
We have a extra class and finished 1.3op.m, after that , we attend "prefect meeting" which is "so late / so long / so tired/ so much time/ so many hours/
so "nOw" i 'm not ready for tuition class.
came home with many things to do.Sigh!!!!!!
give my pet " a shower " wash my prefect clothes and things.
then, list down the Book text "siri number"
Me and my friends dyana walk together after that long meeting. want to know. the meeting was going well, I like their discussion . lot of activity will be held soon. On march/april/june i think also in festive festival.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

HaPpY thursday!!

happy thursday, I woke this morning. seems that i don't want to get up. Because it is very tired when we sleep than alarm ringing. Is counting the chinese new year now. so that i can sleep early and wake up late. I told my friend yesterday about chinese new year i said " ang pow Na li" then she said, Saya belum kawan lagi lo. what a emberassing . then i said "oh mana tau " haha.. haha..
Oh my god! today is science's subject in a row. and will back late about 3. tired tho. so so tired. i think i can't go to tuition class, I need rest about 6hours. so my activities in brain will relax for awhile. hehe. in my dream, i just finished my school. what a tatty dreamer.haha.. well just prayed for me ok..

I and friends Eileen were on9 at 10.13pm

Me and Friends were chating every single hours or day. we never missed our talks. cause is fun when we read people blogs.
those friends in my class were talked to me like this they said " Im not that rajin to read your blog" how dare them. I 'm totally not busted at all. even a single minute talk to them .Actually i know what are they thinking about. I am enjoying chat with my friends in facebook. she has a open minded and give advise and jokes . I like to have fun with friends..
Is creepy rite when don't have a friends like that. hahaha. Leen keep working smart. do your best in your blog. i enjoyed reading. i can actfast my reading now.haha..GODBLESS YOU!!AMEN!INTHE NAME OF LORD JESUS!

A friend and more then friends is the one who tells you the truth
regardless of the cost that will come apart
A friend will help you find the thing's that hard to find
you'd given up as lost make you fuzz.

A friend will never put you down
or make you feel alone inside
He'll smile and try to comfort you with smooth talk/massage
'cause together you have grown and be perfect friends

A friend is the one who picks you up and give you inspire of life
when you've fallen on the ground hit the rock and feel pain
A friend is the one whose help to cure it
is a welcome, warming sound

So when you think you're on your own
and wish you had a helping a hand and majestic
Remember, a friend is the one who can believe and feel
when you cry, that is mean you were in touching and understanding.

Because the world is full of people and problem
who will laughingly pretending
But, when it's said and done and farewell
you're lucky if you've got a person that will hear your heart speak.

the love really come by itself

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My friends don't know about glee..

Everytime i want to sing the glee song. I tell them, " did you know the glee song" they reply . What!! glee ! what is glee they told me. Leen!! help me .they are totally bored .. what can i say i just wrote to guitar about tears drop from my guitar.
I just tell them about old singers. if old singers they knew. if the new one. i think it's take about few weeks or month. well, dah basi katakan..


My friends" Nurulshah " playing with me "congkak" first she win, second I win. then, eli and Helen come to our place they are watching a cute "marble" is a tiny marble. in the end, they took about 2 marble in PJK room.

after back to our class. my other friend were jeles with me because I 'm to closed with her? din't make sense..

What a cold Morning..

what a cold morning here,
i wake up in the morning at 5.30 for ready to school
and the water heater is not switch on yet.
so i switch on the heater for ten minutes ,then my body was so relaxing because of hot shower through my body, warm the blood. I hope today would be my great day in school. after all , i haven't started my oral test for BM i mean memorising. Bye bye.. i think i have a lot of stories after went back home..

Imagine there's No country...

glee cast
Imagine There's No Country
It Isn't Hard To Do
Nothing To Kill Or Die For
And No Religion Too

Imagine All The People
Living Life In Peace(yoouuu)
You May Say I'm A Dreamer

But I'm Not The Only One
I Hope Someday You Will Join Us
In The World We'll Live As One

Imagine No Possession
I Wonder If You Can
No Need For Greed Or Hunger
A Brotherhood Of Man

Imagine All The People
Sharing For The World(Youuuu)

You May Say I'm A Dreamer
But I'm Not The Only One
I Hope Someday You Will Join Us
In The World We'll Live As One

I hold you tight just liked in cold temperature...

holding a ices just liked holding the snow!! never touch it before. Fake snow i mean.

Everytime Be the perfect

Gummie bear has previouss colour example blue,red,yellow,green,purple, orange and strawberry colour .
like people in this world too, have many culture and colour of it's skin.
Unbelievable, how can we mixed?
just like a person who has a mixed blood exp chinese, iban.
but the daughter/son look chinese why not iban look?
Everyone loves ( i mean) the flavor of the gummie but how about human?

Monday, February 1, 2010

I want to be just like him..

What I m going to be after 5years come??
Yeah, the place where i 'm enjoying my work is inside the lab/hospital/school.
I don't know how to explain it. I was born to this actually
When i was in "kindergarten" i start doing my chemistry which is my first experiment is get a petal and put the petal onto the small bottle. then left it about 3day or more than that. i just can't remember actually. If you were staying with me you will know what i 'm doing at home. i start make experiment till now. I just enjoying my experiment those a apparatus/matri/observation make a hypothesis and on on..
I like to have that imagination of natural or can describe as "thinking positively"
in that condition. In school When first i saw Microscopes then i asked my dad to buy one.ahahaha. i know its crazy. sciences is everything for me, Biology too. i haven't start my operation on rats/ginipigs/and others living things.
except chicken!!

The first/second post that he made.

today on my first blog.
I tried so hard how to do best stuff here..
Finally i have made it!! yeah..
The email has say "congratulation Melchizedek Michael "
In My mind was think about "wow" i have made it.
I tried so many things how can I get the blogger account
once i tried, the blogger asked me for phone number then i give the phone number,
waiting for 24hours then. waiting till second day.and it nothing respond.
I think my last blog is not comfirmd . :D

For now I 'm happy. me also want to share my experience or story here. I hope she or he will see this blog. wait!! i also want to make my blogs is good as possible.

I 'm Totally new here..

i have a friends, where i met her in friendster before and still in connecting with her till now.
she asked me for blogger and she also wanted me to have one blog.
i probably sign up of this new bloger because everyone want to know what i'm doing
throughout this year(2010)

Have a fascinating year "leen"