Friday, October 29, 2010

Hello ..Hello..

It's been two weeks that i din't wrote such a post into my blog. I am kind a busy with my preparation. I had so weak these all weeks : I had fever, Flu's and several headache. It's okay for us to sacrifise our health and important things is just commit to Lord.
Dear Friends,
sorry for the incoming messages that you've send to me, I am very busy will all works espcially Mathematic and Biology. It needed me to do more exercises. Spm just around the corner and three weeks time to go. I just pray and pray and pray struggling to GoD that i could made it on examinations.

Your Faithfully
God Blessed you.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

im speechless.

I am Losing of many hopes, laughter today. i had a bad mood today.
i just don't know what sacrifise that i've done. I just more mood for study.

Friday, October 15, 2010

together and gether.

Today History,.. For me History is the boring subject in the world, eventhough i 've read those chapeter form 4 and form 5. I still can't get any point in History Books. Let's focused on most important subject. For me, English language is awesome language in the world.Because now , the whole world used english for comunication exspcially when we're in peoples country.

I Loves Biology more because biology is all about life and small organism. Genetic , variation & inheritance. Biology is one of the favorite subject after Chemistry and physic.Beside sometime the question ask for the answer and the logic answer is always not the best answer. Sometime the unlogic answer is the answer to fill up. Well, just easy to know the answer for paper 1 biology. Used to get 25mark higher for paper 1. and paper 2 sometime it is too easy to answer. The fact of biology is more deep from a odinary science subject. Biology is the subject for us to know more about something around us.

I love Chemistry too, Chemisty is also about life . but most of it. chemistry is a combination between biology and concentration and it will be mixed to be chemistry. the solution such as Potassium , magnessium and something that can be made by experimental method. By determining use of a solution and oxygen. etc, The heat of neautralization is the heat that released 1mol of hydrogen Ion H+ and neautralise Hydroxide Ion OH- to produce or form 1mol of water.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

what a day!

Today history...... on Thursday. Mathematics paper one must be easy though. But, with that 1hours and 15minutes does not give me a chance to answering all. 40 question on it, i only manage only a few. 15more question that i have to answer. When the time is finished, i try so very hard to choose the best answer but no excuses that i only answering it without thinking and calculation. Im so frustrated!! I hope for my paper 2!!

Thursday NighT.. tuition biology at smart tuitions. and Friday is Chemistry paper 3 test. What should i do then. I must score the paper 3. thank god to my friends cause telling me whats come outs for tomorrow Heat of neautralization. Well, i need to bring chemistry books to tuition center. Must try to read or memorise.. i don't want to get D on my chemistry I want C,B or A.

It was so Horridble that next month is spm. sometime we love spm sometime we dont. feel different by these year. Nervous & happy is all together. wanna finish the spm then can go for Long holiday everywhere. Can't wait for PLKN too. and nervous to get RESULT. and Nervous about where I study..

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Please now 10,10,2010!

Today is 10, 10 , 2010... still have more 42days for us to be more prepare. Oh My god. I can't believe it . it is time for us! i hate exam condition.. I love odinary class. no matter how we are getting old... Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia SPM (its O-Level). Im not ready yet! my heart start to dup dup dup... And now my heartbeat change rapidly.. Everyone felt that they havent started their studies.. So do me! it just took us an odinary things.. But that things are More and more impportant.. i sick! im sad! im bad! ... Read through the notes...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

What is in your dream?

We've been to an education fair and it is important for us to prepare. Either Overseas or In a local Country? well, let see the boost. Lot of Universities that offers hundred of courses such as Health sciences, Hospitalities , Educations , Foundation and many. I have my own dreamed that where should I study to further my schools or colleges , university. Well, I'll choose Bellerbys Colleges. Bellerbys Colleges offers lot of courses such as GCSE , Foundations and A-level.

I'd like to take these opportunity to take foundation in science( pre-medical) study and i like to be a doctor. These foundations has it's own special. they also have foundation in Engineering, Humanities, I T, Business ,and art & design. Besides that, they also offered foundation in Media.
Bellerbys College is the colleges that prepare for student University Education. " Such a Short term to pursue their study.

Bellerbys Colleges is located in many part of United Kingdom such as London the capital city, Oxford the world best high achievers student, Cambridge and Brighton. Brighton is actually located near to the beaches and nice anaromic view of Brighton. Well, this is the bellerbys colleges that you can take a look . In that website you can calculate all of fee course, airport transfer, Hostels, or preparation in English.

Monday, October 4, 2010

I Love BioLogy.

I love biology and we Loves Biology
WE love biology Subject..
We loves operations and living organisms.
genetic Works..
MASmawati & me Loves BiolOgy.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Eating When You Have Nausea and Vomiting

Almost all breast cancer treatments have varying degrees of risk for nausea and vomiting. Some people never have nausea or vomiting, while others experience it frequently. Many people describe having "stomach awareness," a type of discomfort in which a person is not interested in eating, but does not feel nauseated. Some people have nausea that lingers more than a week beyond chemotherapy. Thankfully, these side effects can almost always be controlled, or at least substantially reduced, by a variety of medications and lifestyle changes. Learn more about the causes and ways to relieve nausea and vomiting.

Don't force yourself to drink or eat if you're nauseated or vomiting. It's a good idea to avoid eating for about 4 to 8 hours if you're vomiting often. Along the way, try small sips of water or flat ginger ale. After your stomach settles down a bit, begin to replace some of the chemicals and fluids that you might have lost because of the vomiting. Try sipping chicken or vegetable broth, a sports drink, or small bites of gelatin. These will help keep you hydrated. Don't rely only on clear liquids for more than 2 days in a row — they don't have enough nutrients.

If you're nauseated from treatment, you may find that the odor of food triggers your symptoms. You might want to ask a friend, spouse, or partner to cook for you while you leave the house so you don't have to smell the food cooking. Staying out of the kitchen can help since it's so closely associated with foods and smells. Order take-out if possible. You also might find that your food likes and dislikes change from day to day. Try new things until you find something you can tolerate. It's also good to try to drink 8 or more cups of liquid each day if you can. See if you can drink another half cup for each time you vomit.

When and how to eat if you're nauseated:

  • Eat small meals frequently. If you feel sick to your stomach between meals, try to eat 6 to 8 small meals during the day and a snack at bedtime.
  • Eat food cold or at room temperature, not hot, to reduce its smell and taste.
  • Don't eat in a warm room. The air may seem stuffy and stale and may make your stomach feel worse.
  • Rinse your mouth before and after meals. This helps get rid of any bad tastes in your mouth.
  • Sit up or lie back with your head raised for at least an hour after eating if you need to rest. Keeping your head up helps reduce nausea.

What to eat if you're nauseated:

  • Eat poultry or soy. Try turkey, chicken, or soy foods if you find you suddenly don't like red meat. (This can be a common reaction.)
  • Eat dry foods, such as crackers, toast, dry cereals, or bread sticks, when you wake up and every few hours during the day. They provide nutrients and help settle your stomach.
  • Eat cool foods instead of hot, spicy foods. Consider non-fat yogurt, fruit juice, sherbet, and sports drinks. Spicy foods may upset your stomach even more.
  • Don't eat foods that are very sweet, greasy, or fried.They may upset your stomach even more. Consider baked, boiled, or mashed potatoes; rice; cream soups made with low-fat milk; fruit-flavored gelatin; pretzels; or low-fat pudding.
  • Try bland, soft, easy-to-digest foods on days when you're scheduled to have treatment. A poached egg on dry toast or a poached chicken breast with plain noodles is a good option.
  • Eat foods that don't have a strong smell. Smells may trigger nausea.

I've got what I really want!

I've got what i really want to. I want to be just like a photo above . It's mean that I wanna changes my indentity and Look of me, Sort of a fashionable people such as a style of a person. Today in my story , I went to town and go for a shopping and i saw a few of the shirt and short and jean are suit for me but i haven't got $$$$ in my wallet, well it's okay maybe next time . I love to see both of them up there " Natural Smile" .I like the gilrs hair and white teeth with a sweet smile and the nice collar of shirt, and a guy with a light brown jackets. Someday i can change my life with a smile to people. Most important things is i want to make many friends and try to cheer them up . Is useless if we a enemy to them. God want to hear a good news from us as a human being. the relationship of a Family and friends is a same eventhough they din''t realize it. I have a friends but they did not like me but i do like them. Maybe because of the gossip story from other friends? hurm. i think it is. By the way i still can manage it cause i have so many friends now.. without friends i can't solve the problem alone.. My social life with friends is too big, i like to hanging out with them, watching movies , eating and playing archades such as Bowling, Archery and Amusement parks like roller coaster and the lift down and up. Would be awesome that we can laugh together and talked together . I hope in these friendships may be the lovely day of the year. Never thought some inappropriate to them. cause they're my friends..

Friday, October 1, 2010

one month left and it' ll start sooner..

oh my god. as you know what it is mean OMG.. The sign board means Coming Soon..
Everyone Look suspicious in class but i dont seem to be like them. How is this working? Spm is just in a month but i din't prepare yet..This Could Be Brewwing,.. Last minute study is good isn't? well, for me it's good. Don't open your book in early stage cause it will distructed your attentions to study and stay confident. the last minute study mean you take a 4 or 3 hours to study your rivision books with a pen and some of paper.. besides that, eat some raisin cause it is good for your memory and brain. Chicken essence is good for your blood system " your brain need oxygen " to study . Without oxygen your head will start to control you to fall asleep. these are the tips where im usually use to. If you feel dizzy straight away don't push yourself to study because it will distruct your memory and the oxygen in your blood , and you'll vomitting while you study. don't use high degree spec while study your retina will damage as you seen the little alphabets on your books and your retina will automatically turn to small and small. the muscle eye will join it too.. then your eye will be more trouble and blur. please makesure you buy a chicken essence. one more important thing is, : don't push yourself when you feel bored to study.

Thank You..

I'd like to thanks to all my Teacher that have been teach me in a difficulties of preparing the spm. I ' m learning from you teacher! By the way, Spm is just near in corner and now i just depending on a fact. I hope that we can do it! and proud to our teacher. " without pain there is no gain".. first of all, I only can thanks to my teacher, family and friends because give me a encouragement to succeed and a supportive to going on..

Today Activity....

On the first of october me and my friends went to sushi king. she says she never been there. so, i' ve planed to bring her there. Kodomo Bento and some sushi plate is awesome!!..