Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Yesterday was my busy day!.. try to memorise the biology stuff and do some experiment at Home, Online for awhile with Eileen. She said that she was really bored and thinking what to do next. MASMAWATI how's the biology?? i think it was
okay for me. Mostly school exam's are more harder than REALL spm exam. Hope we can achieve what we want.. Besides, Christmas just around Near corner and A happy Christmas and Happy New Year to Eileen and my friend Mas. With this opportunity we will get the freedom on the 9 December 2010, the historical of us!!..

Monday, December 6, 2010

My Inspirations and my privilage

Frosty the snow men. Was taken by the guy which is he's staying in USA.
I got that share from his photo. the frosty the snowman was totally amazed.
i wish i could see these picture when i am ready to be..
Hey Mas : i know you love's the christmas decoration's.
i think you're. you're different from my other friends. they never
mentioned about those christmas festive the way!, you will find this whenever you go to the pavilion shopping's complex in kuala lumpur.
the frosty leaves, the night and in the morning. the ice crystal developing
and into a smallest particle's. they're collided each other and when too cold
the water molecule become's frozens and Icy's.
the frosty tree that located in sweden arlanda.
wish i could go there for travelling. if i am taking a doctored courses i would like
to take either scottland or sweden. morer good Dublin..

Note's : Hey Mas ' i think you gonna like those's photo here. They're my inspirations by the way.
Those picture are my favorite too. Besides, the snow man and the christmas decorate and the frozens thingy. Wish i could see all these things. In natural way, i wanted see these in Live..

Friday, December 3, 2010

The christmas and Snow collections

Dear parents , school is closed due to
heavy snow, with that time makusure
your children's were playing with those
a public phone is covered by snow's
a new city's after london.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Harry potter

The chestnut's in a opened fire, snowing in the town camden , london and brighton, surrey. Snowing Everywhere to enchanted peoples with the opened glory of Lord. In the short term Morning and The long time's night. Cold and freezing winter makes peoples wore so thicks shirts and tight. Indeed the harry potter movie's are in. The hagrid the giant human. the old albus the professor of dumbledor , the meant Professor Snape, Hermoine and Ron and Mr. Potter !.. They went to a city of london to search on harry potter god father!.. godfather has been cursed to death " Adaa kadabra spell's " the young pretty women that escapes for Azkaban. Harry Potter tries to Killed that Women but, Harry potter are in Underages of 17th. Seem's after that. the chapters haven't finished,..In a time after Harry potter celebrating their christmas with the Mr and Mrs weasly parent. In the christmas talked, Harry potter thought and dreamed about Mr weasly are in danger. It 's really does!.. Harry potter And godfather knew that Lord Voldermort is trying to make Harry Potter weaks.. The determinations of three's youngsters are Hermoine, Ron and Neville will helping harry potter in that time... Hermoine with her magicaly spell on her wand are fascinating and Ron are the warior to protect harry potter. By the way, Ronald are a good friends to three of them there. While, Neville are good in Herbs magic. Neville can find the solutions to cure, to frigthenened and everything. Darco is the one who makes Harry potter in danger!... Darco are pure blood witches. In that way, Hermoine are mudblood , but harry potter and Ron has the Mixed blood with no called. Hermoine's parent are dentist. Harry potter and ron parents are witch..

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas is a traditionally by Christian's peoples

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care
In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there;
Ah, the opening lines of Clement C. Moore's 1823 Christmas classic, "A Visit from St. Nicholas" or better known today as " 'Twas the Night Before Christmas". This poem, probably one of the most well known poems in the world today, brings to mind endless traditions and dreams and memories, Santa and snow, reindeer and gifts, and the joys of Christmas past and present.

Christmas day may only come but once a year but the memories and the traditions you create during that special holiday season will live on for years to come! perhaps gathering together and creating your own special Christmas decorations to hang in your home, on your tree, to share with friends and family... do you remember each year taking out those special home made decorations and being taken back to the time you made them and feeling that same special joy and pleasure?Maybe enjoying Christmas tales and stories as a family, year after year, the same stories becoming more special with each retelling. Passing those special stories down and making a

Cookies and Milktradition is something that is beyond compare.

How about creating mouthwatering Christmas treats and goodies? The scents of vanilla and cinnamon and ginger filling your home, Christmas cookies cooling on wire racks... if you're anything like me, bet you've sampled a few of those yourself! Nothing like fresh home made cookies; making them, eating them and sharing them especially when it becomes a family project.

Yes, Christmas is a time for creating memories and traditions and sharing those. Here at T'was the Night Before Christmas, we'd like to help you create your own memories and traditions, so take a look around, we have wonderful Christmas Crafts, nostalgic Old Fashioned Christmas stories and tales for you to share and enjoy, and some wonderfully fun background and history on An American Christma

my dream hope of come true

A very good morning to all bloggers who read the article. Today i think i gonna write something new here. It's been so long i din't put any article in here. Im just finish with my seven paper. which is 3 papers to go. Chemistry , biology and Prinsip Perakaunan. I hope that i can do it well. Espcially Biology and Chemistry. I love them so much (biology ). But, i hate account so much. I don't even think that Account just make my result teribbly bad!. i just only trust my self that i can do it very very well. Instead if i passed those i will get so many opportunity to go anywhere. As you know. I want to study in England at Bellerbys college. Either i take Foundation or A- level. I hope so very much that i can study there. It's been so long that i have dreamed to study in Uk. If i am not made it, I just only study at Taylor's College University in Malaysia. With the other option i just depend on my result next year. Where am I.?? where I am going to next year? Just waiting for a letters to comes..I hope that i can get atleast 1A...more fascinatingly 9A's. Im not good in speak in bm, I was like " when im studying BM? for me BM is a boring subject. For me, i just learned it no matter how peoples says that Bm have to be credits,pass and good.. I hope i can get those!.. well,, want to be a sciencetist . working in a lab. Cross finger to get Hope and Pray for me as well.