Monday, February 13, 2012

Who Will Be My Velentine 14/2/2012

I gonna tell you my story with a title " Who Will Be My Velentine" . Okay I know it's sounds very cute but have you ever think who is your velentine?? If you can see there a kissing couple " so sweet for me. But I always wanted to kiss someones, there's got one reason why i can't kiss people like people did in USA or Europe. My imagination always thought that my mom always be side me and my dad always taking care of me, and my brother and sister in- law always support me in many ways. So, there's goes and there's is a point. I can't kiss anyone with no reasons, I only can kiss people who i love very much. My velentine will be to My Mom my Dad my Brother and My sis In-Law. And I know, God Also will be my Velentine , Velentine Day never exist in Life but when it occur in Europe "so people get the velentine virus" . I wish you all have a Happy Life with Family and I wish for myself to have Happy Family .

Friday, February 10, 2012

This Is How my look when i wore a contact lenses

My first ever used contact lenses was when I finished my form 5, I bought a contact lens for prefect dinner. So, for the first trial it took me about 1hours to put the lenses exactly inside my eyes. Well, I just made it.. ( I know I can do it).. When I put it on, I cannot stand it too long. My eye felt so Red and so hot then i tend myself to removed it. Finally It has been removed from My eye.. The moral value is " better take spectacle for it's good, don't take granted for fancy fake eye" He He.. ( act & moral ) ( so Sorry for bad quality )

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


My tough experience ever when i have to studied far from home, i spent a lot of money here. I have to think clever to save money, but i always use my money to buy some food and of course rented house. For the coming holidays, i will try to search a job in sarawak. For my expenses here in Shah Alam, I have to use lot's of money here. Food so expensive now days, especially when the global has increase it to new price. I always wanted to have a good life in University, but honestly i always run out of money. I couldn't afford to live here alone, sometimes i have to eat instant noodle and bread. My health condition was okay but sometimes i always felt so tired, and i just pray to the Lord for my new day and hope for new bless. I believe that we have to sacrifice our teenager or University life for future, theres no pain and no gain to produce. ~ i believe myself that i can do it ~ Nothing is impossible.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Temple Grandin

The gifted that God has given to her is , she is a autism women who very scared to surrounding. Plus with people who always ignore her and she get easily annoyed with. With a relief machine that she has made, it's help her a lot. Temple Grandin said " it was like mummy hug " , and can relief the nervous and scared. Temple Grandin is genius women who can memorize all in one by her own first sight, really amazed me that she can't write to memorize it. But she can imagine what she has learned.
She has gifted, Temple Grandin Graduated and has a degree of Hons in Science, after she has made her owned decisions, (well she looks like nerdy ) but i insist she was not. Currently Temple Grandin is a professor in University of Illnois in Doctoral Animal Science. She can build something that very unpredictable. With all hopes , she never gave up. Beside, she has autism and then she can controlled it very well . (well done Temple Grandin).
I should be like Her in future, never gave up. wow Temple Grandin..

Saturday, February 4, 2012

FaLL in Love

Fall in love .. Yeah i am, Im fall in love with someone. I want to keep this secret as well. I don't want to let the whole world knw. I want only readers know that I'm fall in love..besides that, i want to stay study and avoiding to watch movie, and playing around. We can do that but just once a time. Okay thats it, not much to talk about..