Saturday, August 28, 2010

Blue eye enchanted people..

Blue eye so nice and pretty eye ever. I love someone who has specials eye color especially blue and light hazel. Sometime green and grey are also Pretty.
If i have a chance to have a girlfriend who has the blue eye, I won't let she go. By the way it sounds peculiar.Beside that, where should i find this type of girl? most probably In western country america and euro. I will stare her longer, even If i sleep beside her, i will staring her eye till i drop into Love. My eyes are dark brown color and a girlfriend who has the light blue, it's means we have an chemistry. except the blood group of a person. well, staring on staring of a person who has blue eye color is enchating .aww, nice.. nice.. hate contact lens.

Friday, August 27, 2010

when can i meet her...

When can i meet you in singapore? i really want it too. and hoping something..
Hurm. hope that we going to jurong bird park and sentosa resort. I kind the irony person..
well, i know that you're good people and fluently ..

Nothing can be impossible if you're really want to achieve ..

do you know what is my dream?
I'd like to travel all over the world if i've the opportunity to travelling.
Beside that, I'd like to take many photos of strangest places or foreign contry, i'd like to experience other country. first place i want to go is , europe . then the second is america . thrid could be australia then asian. As i stayed at ASIAN(Malaysia) the warmer place ever on earth . Im possibly hate hot and Hot weather /wind.
i like most four seasons places. Where the strangest fruit their have , strangest places, new style of food. I can imagine it. during my dreamer i was thought that i am at rome. " when the aircond is open" then i slept down, then dreaming coming. the dreams says" iam at rome and EXPERIENCE winter" Nor too cold , nor too hot" . To me, just Okay! hurm...

And the second part of my dream is FOOD. Well, as you seen on tv. You'll see the program that shows ASEAN FOOD CHANEL . I can say that im the food lovers. I 'd like also taste new style cuisine. Example, French food, Korean food and Thailand Food. I can imagine it well. If i've the opportunity to travel around the world, I will bot expelled the opportunity to tast ALL food and different cuisines.
ALL i want is TRAVELLING and FOOD stuff..

Loves nature

Together we lives,
being a nature like this,
would a different from others,
but,. the eye of angel are still in.
whenever, Hostile.

the picture of us ..

Hell Yeah, Nice picture we had.
our class teacher is Chemistry teacher,
class moniter is cathrine
and helper moniter is mizah.
Two prefect would be melchi and Adilya.
thats all

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

i would share my photo Here..

And My first Model of Friends..
My first Inspirations
my first snap on KL twin tower

Wit! I have my Own DSLR (digital single lens reflects)

what can i say is? i have my own DSLR which is i can take lots of picture. I rather stayed with camera than laptop. If no laptops , can we upload the picture ?is it wierd? for me it's weird. Well, i have my own dslr which is my dad bought it for me the price is Rm2777.00 , bought it from KL low yat plaza. We've been search on the best camera and the best power and the applications of camera. from 11 am till 4pm we went for looking on DSLR. finally, we have found the best ever ever video with high definition! High Iso, 15-55mm , 55mm-200mm.

During my shops to low yat , i was so excited and have to take this dslr carefully, cause it registered over my name. the sells girls says: i think you will get the quality of images. and be careful whenever you go. Before i start using my DSLR, i din't snap it right away. What dad says: read the instructions before you snap, or either you'll not having nice picture. while waiting, I charge my battery first before we went out, first snap is KLCC building then a hotels.

I love my DSLR... laptop?, For me a laptops is just a hospital for My DSLR, wheres we upload, photoshopes and everything. I Forgot, i will buying the clean kit at kuching when i go to kuching on september. How much would it be??

Will contienuo

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Deep from my heart..

Deep from my heart , people wouldn't listen to us and trusted us. Eventhough my Friends that came to me and talk politely like a princess " people who are need attentions. Please don't act by that way. People will more hate you if you still pretended you are not okay. First of all, i know my friend now in hurt cause you just make them seperated. Do you want that way too. So please don't disturbed my friends.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Picture of US

Year 2010 ,...
the Picture of us....
We started together since 2009...
we're still the same Except Sheikh...
We learn from teacher to be smart...
from now on we'll repay the gives...

I had a terrible day

i had a bad day.
I don't go to school again for two days already..
Im fever! dear lord please cure me....

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy to my friends. Aileen Leenn..

first of all, happy birthday to you,
may your day is always brighten.
the future is depending on your age, by the way it is a wish to you..
happy birthday and godless you. thanks to god , bcos god has taking care of you.
SWEET 13th

Monday, August 16, 2010

Hey Aileen..

Hey Aileen Inollaa..
I just knew your blog that day and i read all your blogger post.
By the way thanks for the wishes and godbless you too..
he he smart !

Saturday, August 14, 2010

3 month left.

Friends how do you feel now, do you well prepared for any subject?
Trial exams is around near corner. I hope we all prepared well in every subject what we've learn. Now, debbie ,me and lynne like to take Medical Lab technologist so we should scored atleast english: c , Malaysia : c, Mathematics: c and any sciences subject. Friends What should we do now. It's 3month left for us to prepared? I will pray to god that we'll ready for it,.

My day out with Friends Foreva..

I can still recall the dates when we went out with friends (10/07/10)
it is also the date of my friends auditions.
we went out with helen, Fabiola, lynne ,elizebeth ,fiona, michele and Jeremy! first we go for shopping then we go for fOod at D" Junctions. Me and eli ate spicy food, the others ate simple and not spicy food. Before that lots of drama actually; we usually went out for sivik project and buying stuff . But there is something funny that day.

Do you know that parkcity mall has a box where we can take picture of Many2 friends?? They pay Rm 20 if iam not wrong. It took us around 30minutes to choose frames, background and edited. We finally! we can Achieve!!

I am Wondered that we should take a picture at Waterfront Bintulu, they become Model, advertisments and stuff. we take photo and video. By the way,,.. theres something happen! i did not noticed/or see the ground cause the ground was "LECEK" then i step into it. One of my friends Screaming and It's Helen, Also My camera candid a video of its shadow. I can't stop laughing..Till now! he he he.. What a funny day of US..

Before we went back home.. we took a green tea for rest and resting at Sunflower corner cafe's. while waiting for our bus At After that , helen screaming again because the car passing through too Fast and helen screaming loudly ( handsome voice comes out very fast) . me and Friends Laugh laugh laugh laugh till tearing. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...

Finally we wait for bus,. at 4.59pm. the bus finally came to us. Ride a bus for the first time.. he he he. . . happy but so many people. he he he.thanks again friends...

Friday, August 13, 2010

My Story , God's story

On a February night in 2006, I got a call from Shane. He told me that every year our church sends several teams on short-term mission trips to Honduras to work with World Gospel Outreach. There was a construction trip planned for one week in March at WGO’s Rancho Ebenezer, where orphaned and abandoned kids are raised in a healthy family environment and given a good education. But because almost half of the people on the team had to back out, the church was thinking about canceling the trip. He told me they had asked the singles ministry staff to consider going and asked if a few people involved in the singles ministry might be interested in going. He told me the team was going to do construction work on a new school building at Rancho Ebenezer and minister to some of the people in the community. He asked if I would think about it and pray about it.It was an answer to prayer! Just weeks earlier I had asked God to give me opportunities to experiment in different areas of ministry so that He might reveal to me what He had planned for my life. And almost immediately He provided an opportunity! I prayed about it and got the overwhelming conviction from the Lord that I should go. I was excited about the opportunity to serve and grow closer to God. I wasn’t prepared for what I was about to experience, though.
I had never been anywhere in Central America before and I didn’t know much about it, other than the obvious fact that everyone there speaks Spanish. I learned a little about Honduras from the informational meetings I attended at the church before we left, and I knew that it was a poor country. But knowing that a country is poor and seeing the harsh reality of it firsthand are two completely different things.
I remember my shock as I looked out at the city of Tegucigalpa from the airplane window as we landed. And again from the van window as we drove through the city on the way out to Rancho Ebenezer. But, it wasn’t until we got outside of the city and into the rural areas where most Hondurans live that I really began to see the difficult conditions that the people of Honduras endure. Dusty, bumpy, potholed roads wind up the mountains that surround the city. And on these mountains are the tiny, rundown shacks that so many people call home. There are children all along the road, filthy and probably wearing the only clothes they own. Some of them have makeshift shovels and are filling potholes in the road, hoping that the wealthy ‘gringos’ who pass by will pay them for their service. I was overwhelmed by what I saw.
The next day we went back into the city to go to church and eat lunch at a Honduran restaurant. After lunch, the missionaries who were with us asked us to box up all of our leftovers so we could give it to the children on the side of the mountain road on our way back to the ranch.
We pulled up to the spot where several boys were shoveling dirt into a few potholes. We stopped the van, opened the windows and began handing them styrofoam boxes full of leftover beans, rice, tortillas, and scraps of meat. You could see the excited look in their eyes as we handed over box after box. As we drove off, I turned around to look out the back window of the van. The boys had dropped their shovels and were looking into one of the styrofoam boxes. After they saw the contents of the box they began jumping up and down and shouting in excitement! And all because of some leftover scraps of food! I thought back to when I was a child and how I groaned and complained anytime my mother announced that we were having leftovers for dinner. And here these kids were, ecstatic that they would be dining on leftovers, not to mention someone else’s leftovers! It made me realize how often I take even the simplest things for granted and how I grumble and complain about things that I shouldn’t. It made me realize how blessed I really am and how I don’t stop to thank God for that quite often enough. God continued to show this to me throughout the week, especially when our team visited a family out in the community to share with them the gospel and give gifts of food, clothes and other necessities they lacked.
Overall, it was a wonderful week. God opened my eyes to so many things, and He taught me more about who He is and how He works. And I came away with the feeling that He was still calling me to some kind of ministry. The question remained: what is it specifically? I made up my mind to pray about it and wait for Him to reveal that to me.
However, as life returned to normal, I soon became distracted and fell back into the pursuit of my own selfish ambitions. I started focusing completely on my career as a graphic designer and my future in this field. Before too long I was making plans to move to a bigger city with better opportunities and a larger design community. My goal was to make a name for myself as an artist and land my dream job at a hip design agency where I would make lots of money working on exciting projects for big-name clients. And all of this was without any prayer or consideration for what God might have planned for me. It was as if I had forgotten the promise I made to God in the car ride home from Nashville.
Well, before I knew it, it was spring of 2007 and it was getting close to the time Fellowship would be sending teams on short-term mission trips to Honduras. I was so consumed by my busy life that I wasn’t too keen on going this time around. But, I started remembering how great the trip was the year before, and I remember getting the feeling that if I went on another trip God was going to do something. I wasn’t sure what, but I knew something would happen. And that kind of scared me. Yet somewhere deep inside I knew that an up-close encounter with God was exactly what I needed.
Well, one day in May I got a phone call from my sister, Brittany. Brittany was living in Korea with my parents at the time and was about to graduate from high school. She had been studying Spanish for five years and was fairly fluent. She had gone on mission trips to Spain and Mexico and had been planning on going back to Spain that summer. But her plans fell through, so she was calling to see if it would be possible for the two of us to go on a trip to Honduras together. She was going to have one week off from school a few weeks before she was to graduate and she wanted to see if it would be possible to go on a trip that week. I checked the dates for Fellowship’s three summer trips and one of them happened to be during her week off. So that settled it. I was going back to Honduras!
Well, I am so glad that I went because it was another amazing week. Everyone on that team was such a blessing to me and it was so great to be able to spend some quality time with my sister. Spiritually, it was just what I needed. God reminded me of the things He had showed me the previous year, and He showed me some new things. And He grew the seed that He planted in my heart during my first trip. He grew my love for the people of Honduras, specifically the children at Rancho Ebenezer, and He gave me a love for the ministry of WGO. I felt God calling me to use my gifts in some way to minister to children. I felt God calling me away from my selfish ambitions in graphic designer. I didn’t feel like He wanted me to totally ignore my gifting in that area, but I knew He had a different plan for me than what I had for myself. I felt God stirring something in my heart. I just wasn’t quite sure what I was supposed to do. Then, at the very end of the trip, God gave me a hint through the words of Nate Schultz, an eight year-old missionary kid.
Nate and I had become buddies during my time at the Ranch. We met on the soccer field the first day there. We hit it off almost immediately and were inseparable for the rest of the week. He even rode in the van with me to the airport on the day of our departure. And it was at the airport that God used the boldness of his words to impact me.
As we sat and waited for the team leaders to check all our bags and pay the airport tax, Nate asked me, “When do you think you’ll come back?”
“I’ll probably come back sometime next year,” I said.
“Hmm… well, how ‘bout next time you come back for nine weeks?” he said.
I laughed and said, “Well, I don’t think my job is going to let me have that much time off from work.”
He quickly replied, “Then you need to go back and tell them that you quit your job and you’re moving to Honduras!”
I just laughed and Nate’s mom, Kymm, said to him, “Nate you just need to pray that God will send Brett to Honduras!”
“Yeah! I’m just gonna pray for that!” he said.
I laughed again and told him, “Ok, I’ll pray about it too.”
I said my goodbyes, then boarded the plane and headed home. Back to my normal life. Back to my normal routine. But as I sat on the plane Nate’s words kept replaying in my mind. It was all I could think about. I suddenly felt extremely sad about leaving.
The day after I arrived back in Arkansas, I went out to dinner with Shane and his wife, Beth, to tell them all about the trip. During the past year Shane and I had grown closer because of his willingness to meet with me twice a month to disciple and mentor me. And I knew he was going to Honduras himself on another trip with our church a week later. So naturally he was the first person I wanted to talk to about my experiences. I told him how God had worked on my heart that week. Then I told him about my conversation with Nate. He laughed, but then said very seriously, “You know you should really think about that. You’re young, you’re single, and you’ve got nothing tying you down. It would be really easy for you to give up a couple years of your life to go down to Honduras and serve.”
Ah! He just had to go and say that didn’t he?! Of course he would go and confirm exactly what I suspected God was doing in my heart. But I was stubborn. I wasn’t about to give in that easily. So I said, “Well how about this. How about we talk to our missions department and see if it would be possible for me to go back with you on your trip next week? And if it works out, then maybe God really is doing something.” I said that thinking in the back of my mind that there was no way it was going to work out. It was too short of notice and there was no way I would be able to get a decent price on a plane ticket at this point. But Shane said, “Ok, tomorrow we’ll go talk to the missions department and see what we can work out.”
So the next day I met with Rosie Stephens, the head of the missions department at my church. I told her what was going on and asked if it would be possible for me to go back to Honduras on the trip the following week. She told me that it would be difficult to work everything out at such short notice, but that she was willing to see what was possible. Then she asked me if I had any limitations as to how much I wanted to spend on a plane ticket. I told her that I didn’t want to put any limits on price or anything like that. I just wanted to see what was available. She said ok, she would see what she could find out.
Three hours later I got a phone call from her and the first thing she said to me was, “Well, guess where you’re going on Saturday?” That’s right, I was going back to Honduras! Not only that, but I was going for $600 cheaper than I had gone the week before! God had done an amazing thing and I was totally blown away. But that’s not all. She also told me that she had contacted WGO about my interest in coming to Honduras to serve, and that she had told them a little bit about me and what I do. Well, it turns out they were in dire need of someone to come and do media and graphic design for them. They also had several needs in their children’s ministry. So they wanted to meet with me during the last half of the week to talk about all of that. I couldn’t believe it! It just seemed too perfect to be a coincidence. Needless to say, I was very excited about going back. But more than that, I was excited to see what God was doing. Little did I know that God would continue to do amazing things in the weeks ahead…
IN PART 4: The details of the second trip and how God confirmed to me His call on my life.
I am You, you're me. I always Hurt u .But you always Love me. Thats why we become one Because I am you and you're me.

By: deBbie..
I am You .. You Are Me..
Like Mirror..

friends ow friends you made me Brave..

Friends ow friends,
you just make me brave.
Without friends beside me where did i go,
You're like my idol and a lamp for me.
I hope we're friends till the end.

I know you hate me,
but i don't dare to hate you,
I know you like me,
but i did not noticed you,
I Know you like to say a word to me,
but i won't listen to you.

I am thinking of you everyday,
Because you're exist in this world,
when the suns comes out you just like a lamp for me.
You make me smile cause Friends Means Joy for lifes..

Wow ow wow..

Wow ow wow!
It's happening around here, let see " my house in renovations and its a huge house now. I bet it more huge than people house. Well, my cousin you guys can stay at our house as a guess. By the way, i am selected for latihan Khidmat negara (PLKN). I just Can't wait for it Now.. people says plkn is the best program ever .even boys are bald there. Girls nothing change.. he he he he... cant wait for september i will going to kuching to attend my cousin wedding and then Raya!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

We Brought a best meal to School.

Our food has the different choices of food. We had a great time together when we eat together. We thought that it just like my siblings at school.
first of all, they are my bestfriends. what ever condition they'll help me to solve the problem straight away. we discuss everything together for every subject what we have learned. Today till end I 'll never forget the gold time.. Im precoisss friends Helen,debbie,lynne,fabiola,chel and those of my mates in class... Im very happy that im in that class. The teacher was pretty great and very spotting to us. What matter what we study hard and study smart to pay all of the encouragement of the spirit to Pass in Spm.. Got straight A's the door is open for us to chooose what ever University we want..

This Is My Story

We can see through out the year, I was not too healthy and something. But this year Im become more enegertic. This is My story. I went for joging with my friends : fabiola and her sister and lynne. We jog about a killometer away. After we jogin around we went for exercise which is the best spot for fitness. We saw a dwarf girl. Me and my friends though that it was a small girl playing around. but this one look more different. HA HA HA... i cant stay with my laughing plus my friends laughing.hahaha....the dwarf girl run around and she brought a handphone and such a pretty song in it. that was amazed.!! My story also began at Sunflower . Because of raining we went to Sunflower for Shade.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It 's all about life..

Nowdays, mostly people don't understand what they're doing at school and any college and university. From my i sight is THE LIFE of new generations. I most probably see these youngsters of everywhere and everyplace. To very exposed to outside and to believe about new things. I been watched all what scenes of a students that very manace and not good behavior to their teachers and both parents. How to stop this?? The article of '' dependent" its mean that a guy or people should be dependent start from now, if you can see all the japanese people were too polite of each other and even a three years old kid has dependent to buy something to her/his parent. that is a good example of a youngsters of japanese. Now we can clear seen by our Eye. Most probably their just want a THINGS that is usefull for their life, after a month their not using it anymore . I just want to remind people this " No Pain No Gain " it's mean that we need to work harder to get food and for live. Although, the teenagers is too very significant on something that they really want it . without pain we shouldn't get gain. if we on Pain we can gain everythings. i try to be myself especially on this month, its very important to me to study to get gain and start to handle pain. It's Just a life" we're on earth to not too exposed of everything.