Sunday, July 24, 2011


I went to Klang today with my friends,
we watched harry potter deathly hallow's part II and it's all end.
some scenes are touching, as this movie is the last after year 2000.
Harry potter series has been on air for about 11 years.
some scenes showed the determination of a young kid as now turned to teenager
to an adult. To protect the wizard school's name Hogwarts, Hogwarts school has been
opened about many years ago and can be titled as new generations school. The dark lord actually wanted to destroyed the school as the lord voldermot want to kill Harry. Because harry has powered in the single wands that have a lot of magical power. Hermoine and Weasly is harry potter best friends. After 19th years after the deathly hallow's. Harry Succeed! and new generations can safely start their schooling at hogwarts wizard schools. Harry has son and daughter and Hermoine & Weasly are together.

Friday, July 22, 2011

First Day Out with DMLT's Friends

He is Uchu and Full name Omar. MLT's
Shah Alam Park. After dinner...
thats me, next to me is Ana, ida and lastly daus.
Photographer Nanep.

For the first time we met , not sure very closed. It took about a day for us to knowing each other. family background and everything . We talked different language , singing and snapping some picture. And Now....still waiting for more friends. I've learned how to smile with people, when i get here, it is tough for me to smile with others. Anyway, Practice makes perfect so be careful what we practice of. Here are some picture;