Wednesday, April 28, 2010

We R Family!!


Last sunday, we having a great time with friends. Expecially our Friends Antaniuos !
We're totally having a great time and enjoying our time at beaches. the rough wind and the blue oceans .Thank god that we not facing with many problem e.g heavy rain.

My friends Felicia, geogett, iskandar , dyana and loretta is pleausure to help this farewell party to be done and success . We were totally tired after that. Our legs cramp and feels sleepy all the time.

Thank you! our best guitarist has moved to sri aman!we'll see him after that!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

My friend and I were thinking that we should sing?....

Hi, Me and My friend Debbie were thinking that we should sing. THE song was very fascinating to us. Cause it is bring Joy, faith and everything. sometime sad.. The song was so fullmeaning to us. Debbie would like to teach me singing, and I'd loved to. I should be a singer what the facebooks quiz says.

No matter how, still practising for the Don't stop believen and Imagine . we two were decided to sing this song at school. The first come to school and it's dawn time. Not so many people , I shows my talent to her.hahaha. so that Lorreta can feels the feeling of us. I hope Lorreta will not taking heartless..

In Facebook, Me and Debbie just sambung sambung sentence for suit lyrics. I think we still have more talk. Will be contineu.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My schedule of the time.

My schedule of the time.
Firstly, back from school usually we're not going back. Because we have an extra class, sometime our class start at 2pm till 3 , sometime start at 3 till four. Now, Biology class has changes it's timetable. It will start at 1.30pm till 3pm. With so many homeworks that have to be done; after finished our extra class , I will proceed to my tonnes of homeworks. With no help usually i refer to note's or references books. I think sound look suspicius, Reached to evening; i will ready for tuitions class for night study. It has been an odinary studies but more masters cause someone teach us. Sleep at 10 then wake up again at 5.25a.m. I was to tired to handling these such a big rock over my head. Sometime i will get more obsess cause i was thinking " is my homework done''. The pressure was given to us, is from parents, teachers and text of messages (friends) . The tiring just make me to get more meaning of life's. Education's is only my money... educations is all about life's.. educations is to knowing more and more.. thanks to my friends of the support..