Thursday, April 26, 2012

Differentiate my college?

I mostly hate it when i saw many of my friends or including my family who really like to talk about and it's not a talk by the way. it is a "differentiate". The most awful in my life was when a person talk about college, they were extremely annoying. As you guys know IPTA and IPTS  is different. I would like to talk here about the differentiate both IPTA and IPTS. Okay, I just make  one problem statement here and it was like this . IPTA use pin number while IPTS does not , and IPTA has to follow the rules while IPTS does not.

IPTa's is more to goverment view while IPTs's is more to the wide world including goverment. The opportunity between IPTA and IPTS is like a circle, The biggest opportunity  goes to IPTS as well, they were trained very good in instituiton. Credit hours, tutorial, test and quiz are same but different in practicum site. Unfortunately , when you failed on sceince stream it is very tough to enter IPTA. while IPTS you can get minimun of 5credit to enter pre-diploma, foundation or A level.

so that is "how" i differentiate IPTA and IPTS. Don't judge by its cover dear IPTA friends, don't be so snobbish on your recent studies. we gotta have a look. :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I hoping for souvenir when my friends or family members going abroad, as I always ask for souvenir . I really love to collect souvenir. The Souvenir is now in my part of life, going anywhere i should buy one. Because we live once and we go there once. But, I never receive any souvenir from my friends and family member for 19 years. They have been to beautiful places and visited the places as well. Unfortunately, i bought them souvenir.

The saddest thing is they didn't bought me one. The saddest thing is they bring me nothing. Always asking for souvenir i think million times. Don't give me the souvenir and i would not listen to your journey experienced, useless listener i guess. I went to people country i don't dare to see my friends or family members awaits for souvenir, well i bought them one. I think i wasted my money just to buy souvenir for them .Let say, I rather bought the souvenir for myself and I rather use the money for myself to enjoy.

Even more, the voice will come out after "where is my souvenir".. the person will answered " Oh, i forgot your souvenir" .and " Oh i don't have enough money" and " Oh did you remind me?" . Just forget about IT!. Just say that you ignored everything that I asked you for. At least you give me the soap from hotel, the post card and etc.

The moral value of the story is , we better get our self enjoy and just don't bother them . Don't be silly with their pity face and ignorance react. I should label myself " if i have money i will buy you one or else forget it".
I was very sad when people went so far away and they didn't bring us something for remember! Souvenir is everything in my life, and memorable thing.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

We're Biomedical Science student! :)

Hi friends, Here i want to let you guys know what currently i am doing. I'm studying at University Of Selangor. I am Biomedical Science Student and now doing my first course it is medical laboratory technology. In my Biomedical Sciences courses there's alot of core courses that you have to know. One of it, Microbiology , Cell Biology and Biochemistry. Once you graduate from Biomedical Sciences student you can apply for a doctor like Medicine, surgery and same stream with medical fields. Meanwhile, the duration of taking biomedical sciences is 6years. So now i am 18 and about 19 and around 24/25 graduate from the course. After graduate i like to continue with master degree and continue university of reading.

My Holiday will always start with Sick!

I think it is Hay fever, As I come abroad from Thailand, KL and to borneo i feel something very strange around me. I think the weather is not good for me to breath! Well, I know the place which is suitable for me. The place that suitable for me is in UK. Okay! I know you all said " oo" but with four season i think i can survive. I love Cold, I love chill I love four season.

Upon Arrival in Bintulu the pilot gave us (passenger) weather information, the information was " the weather in bintulu is 39*c and after rain. that means Hujan Panas. I know the vapour and it can cause a lot of virus release in air. So, without electron-micro-scope ( Microbiology fields) i don't know if there any virus in air. Hay fever is likely describe to Pollination , Smokes (air or from cigarette) . I hope i can recover very fast and very soon.. :( i hate fever..