Monday, November 29, 2010

Dear Masma! I had something for you too...
Biology biology biology!!!! im ready for you.. so now just wait.. I will pray for you too mas.. I want us ( for sure people who loves biology at class) get the highest marks on it. Luckyly that we have time on 7dec which is we have time to get study on biology.. well, i hope you prepared so very much on it..hehe

Sunday, November 21, 2010

michael buble

The michael buble reminds me to the classic music long time ago,
he's voice is too wet and grassy sound. which is a sound like a jazz singer.
Well, hope he will come to malaysia. I have to watch his reality performances.
Michael Buble songs also reminds me to the Westlife's song. which is i always listening and hearing before i went to sleep when i was a small kid.. the way they talk is too soft,.and has make my english better. thank you to the english publisher....

Thursday, November 18, 2010

last last lastly

Before we getting closer to the war as we called it the biggest war that we will siting on for three weeks appart. Lots of stressful and delightful that we willl getting through. Exspcially my beloved friends who are in their preparation. I took this opportunity to Online and posting sometings (updating Blogs). As I will miss the facebook and comments people and messaging peoples. With this opportunity i would like to say Goodluck and Godbless to SPM candidates to do well in their spm. I hope my friends has did their preparation and get or aim A's . Atleast all of us can get A in one subject. Without pressure and frustrated that we have being through with teacher and fellow friends, i hope our parent's will happy for the result that will be announce next year in march.
And please take care of food and more better your healthy. Eat the nutrition food and do not eat such as spicy food or cold dish food. it may harm your time in toilet. Please take either Juice drink or Milk with corn flakes. it is good for digestions. Study time always make us feels boring and sometime headache. to prevent, please take eight glass of water a day. Vitamin C's is needed as well...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Those days ..

Here is the story when i started to recall my friend and my neigbour,
She 's always playing with me at the playing yard.
I still rememember when we played and how fun it is. Beside, you and I always " wanted to eat Chewing gum'" we ride the bicyle and playing with your cute playground.

NAVINI you are still my friend, no matter how i still rememember that we playing together and gather.hehehe.. All the best to you navini. and I hope to meet you soon.. :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hey..can't wait..

I am started to think about chirstmas and has made a countdown for it. Just can't wait for my spm to finish , I can't wait to be free like a bird, and a trip to Kuala Lumpur and Kuantan on 10december 2010 with my cousin. well, we've planed the trip long time ago...
my spm started 23rd November 2010 and will end on 9dec. My last paper also end on 9dec,.. not too worried because my flight is at night. then, 10 december is 11.05am flight to Kuala Lumpur. my connecting flight to kuantan at 10.30pm.
I just can't wait for everything like christmas and meeting with friends in Kuala Lumpur. My old friend those days.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Who Care's

The Word " who Care's" refers to so many thing's. It is always came from your Friends mostly. Like what I have been through in five year's is like a fairy tale sometime it goes like a imaginations. Do you know who are really care about you? The most caring person is FAMILY or our BESTFRIENDS . At school, someone has been playing behind and they are too much sometime's made me crazy and sometimes make me " Who care's". the problem that their facing through is "who care" . Unless they know how to respect the elderly or people.So! they will respected you back. Just be average and don't be too much. "JUST BE A GOOD SAMARITAN". Isn't that just easy step?? SMILING, LAUGHING, HUMOR.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

aku dan ilmu

aku mulai sedar setelah ku mendapat keputusan percubaan spm 2010.
aku mulai rasa sedih kerana keputusanku kurang memuaskan.
aku mulai ketahui bahawa Ilmu adalah teman dan juga dapat mencerminkan keperibadian seseorang untuk berjaya.
aku mulai sedar bahawa tahun ini aku akan menduduki peperiksaan yang begitu bermakna dalam hidup ia juga penentu dalam hidupku.
aku mulai ketahui bahawa aku kurang dan kesuntukan masa, dengan semangat tidak putus asa aku mulai berasa bersemangat untuk belajar untuk kali terakhir.