Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'm so deadly sad with my friends in Sarawak and my family's member. Every time i saw a plane flew over my hostels , I always thought to go back. I'm very sad, my friends here got their family and not to0 far. like me im way to much far about thousand kilometers away and cross the south china sea's. I have a feelings here which makes me cry every night. My room mate din't noticed me, I cried because i'm way to far and I missed something that too Loves ones. My grandma, grandpa and of course my brother , sister for sure I missed my mom a lot. Here i don't have Best friends, bintulu i got best friends which is they're very taking care of me espcially my feelings. Why i must be here that is my question. Is there any Time for me to change? isn't it too late for me to change my mind? I need best friends who do took care of me, talk to me. share a moment of emotional. but here.... I don't have a friends here which not to closed to me. I need talk and private . i want to go back home. I missed every single minutes that i had in Bintulu and Sibu in camp. My friends!! how i appriciates you. :''''(