Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Introduction of an Bacteria. also Known as Virus

Bacteria are microscopic, single-celled organisms. There are thousands of different kinds, and they live in every conceivable environment all over the world. They live in soil, seawater, and deep within the earth's crust. Some bacteria have been reported even to live in radioactive waste. Some bacteria live in the bodies of people and animals—on the skin and in the airways, mouth, and digestive and genitourinary tracts—often without causing any harm.
Only a few kinds of bacteria cause disease. They are called pathogens. Sometimes bacteria that normally reside harmlessly in the body cause disease. Bacteria can cause disease by producing harmful substances (toxins), invading tissues, or doing both.
Bacteria can be classified in several ways:
Scientific names: Bacteria, like other living things, are classified by genus (based on having one or several similar characteristics) and, within the genus, by species. Their scientific name is genus followed by species (for example, Clostridium botulinum). Within a species, there may be different types, called strains. Strains differ in genetic makeup and chemical components. Sometimes certain drugs and vaccines are effective only against certain strains.
Staining: Bacteria may be classified by the color they turn after certain chemicals (stains) are applied to them. A commonly used stain is the Gram stain. Some bacteria stain blue. They are called gram-positive. Others stain pink. They are called gram-negative. Gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria stain differently because their cell walls are different. They also cause different types of infections, and different types of antibiotics are effective against them.
Shapes: All bacteria may be classified as one of three basic shapes: spheres (cocci), rods (bacilli), and spirals or helixes (spirochetes).
Need for oxygen: Bacteria are also classified by whether they need oxygen to live and grow. Those that need oxygen are called aerobes. Those that have trouble living or growing when oxygen is present are called anaerobes. Some bacteria, called facultative bacteria, can live and grow with or without oxygen.
The body normally contains several hundred different species of bacteria but many trillions of individual bacteria. The bacteria outnumber the cells of the body by about 10 to 1. Most of these bacteria reside on the skin and teeth, in the spaces between teeth and gums, and in the mucous membranes that line the throat, intestine, and vagina. The species differ at each site, reflecting the different environment at each site. Many of them are anaerobes—that is, they do not require oxygen.
Usually, these anaerobes do not cause disease. Many have useful functions, such as helping break down food in the intestine. However, these bacteria can cause disease if the mucous membranes are damaged. Then, bacteria can enter tissues that are usually off-limits to them and that have no defenses against them. The bacteria may infect nearby structures (such as the sinuses, middle ear, lungs, brain, abdomen, pelvis, and skin) or enter the bloodstream and spread.
Long time ago, a sciencetist has made one reasearch of the defences of the anti-biotic that can cure the virus of germs in our body. Through by the anti-biotic, anti -biotic has a previous type of defences. Some anti-biotic are disfunctional because of the match of a germs. The germs or a bacteria has to culterlise through the microscopes. We have to many anti-biotic , by the traditional way of england. most people were using a mint leaves to cure up the germs in our body, greentea and tablets.

Monday, June 14, 2010

I have a story that people should know

My Bestfriends Wan Ismail, He was a good friends to me, His family is kind people. He was born in Terengganu and then school at Bintulu > I start wave my hand and i asked him what is your name. Then he answer " Wan Ismail" then he reply me back the questions " how about you" then i answered " I am Melchizedek" the he tell me with small tune of voice "How to Pronounce your name perfectly?" then i answered " Just called me Mel or Melchi". then, we're sat together in two table, he sat by left and i sat right. We're talkactives in Class and we talk about interest of hobbies. He loves of Dinosaurs and I loves Aeroplane. Start talking with loud speaking. I told Him, where is your house? then he answered.Just near the kindergarten. then, i told him. Do you have PS? play stations? then he answered" YES" why then? then i answered him. Don't you mine if i come to your house for palying play stations.then he answered sure you can. Then, i felt very happy. I tell him that, do you have any siblings?? then he'd say. No haven't. then i told him, you're the first son. He was looking for friends in House , cause he din't have any siblings. This is because His family was very kind to me and treat me like a good samaritan. In class we study together , we talk together, share our vacations story ,work hard in class.And sometime we go for cycling at beaches.He loves to tell about dino ,sure it is .He talk that dinosaurs is really Exist and his imaginations to talk is like reallity . I told him, Wait a second do Malaysia has a dinosaurs? then he answer .Malaysia hasn't a dinosaurs even the scienctist says that dinosaurs is only exist in Brazil and certain place a long time ago.I was Stun. His storry was fascinating and interesting. He really enjoyed his self to talk with me. Cause he thought me as his brother. I kind da visited to his house every single day. Even I am not boring. No wonder he always travelling too. "just like me" we school in primary school together and finished our UPSR. We're lucky that we're only the highest who get english passes. I do care about people english. But most of them get failed. We can write a long storry because we loves to talk. and the imaginations is exsis becausse his imaginations is reallity. Then, after a year, We're in secondry school . Im In class 1c and he 1d just beside my class.we 're waiting for recess then we going to rest together we ate together in canteen, drink a pepsi. after the 1years is past. suddenly i felt sad. Because he moved without telling me. Im barelly sad, i think every second. How can I lives Now. where did he go. then, my heart started to beat very fast.keep searching and searching. Some friends told me that he has moved to oversea and outstations. How do I contact him.. then, i only has his house phone number. I keep calling his house.keep calling.No boddy answerd the phone.. then i lose hope. I keep saying to myself. How could this be.. .. Now, i sat alone in class, with peculiar friends seating beside me. backstabber and on. Hope one day, we'll meet again.............