Saturday, February 6, 2010

My friends name's

This is the list of my classmate of 2010 of smk kidurong class 5 sciencse 4 student;
Melchizedek michael is the prefect of the class, and adliya is my patner of the prefect. The class moniter is Cathrine and moniter assistance is Hamizah. The tresurer is Micheel Marara, Caroline is my best friends since we were form 4 and rowina too. we have plan that we should be same univesity (for hoping onlu). We talking a lot when we form 4 . they 're all talkactive person. I like them, they have nice humor that make me laugh all the time, Where is guys? we actually least of guys , I name those of them, first is Dhony; he is very closed with Cath , Fabiola is also have the same love with fredrick jimmy. Rahim is always being bully among friends.I pity of him actually. How dare them make Rahim is bad person. Haziq is the closed friend with Siti aien. Siti ain is good in addtional mathematic. Teacher Chiun is always proud with her.. Elii and letry is a bestfriends. siti nuraliza is the singer.hahaha.not actually. she has a nice smile when she get shy. Azra and Masmawati always make people smile and laugh. Lessica and clarise is bestfriends , lessica is small anc cute.hahaha. where is chinese? haa.. here is the question, tiong,kong,angeline and daniel have the same rate. I love talk to them with chinese talk. they all good in mathematic and additional mathmatic. Jeremy is always love to talk..while aderly always make people smile too..we all happy in class with its study. we study together in class. we pay attention in class. we had a bad day together in class. This would be our best of memories for form 5. I hope, when we're not in school. i try to meet them in a year. lyne love to smile ,also helen .. we love to talk when so boring in class.

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