Thursday, April 26, 2012

Differentiate my college?

I mostly hate it when i saw many of my friends or including my family who really like to talk about and it's not a talk by the way. it is a "differentiate". The most awful in my life was when a person talk about college, they were extremely annoying. As you guys know IPTA and IPTS  is different. I would like to talk here about the differentiate both IPTA and IPTS. Okay, I just make  one problem statement here and it was like this . IPTA use pin number while IPTS does not , and IPTA has to follow the rules while IPTS does not.

IPTa's is more to goverment view while IPTs's is more to the wide world including goverment. The opportunity between IPTA and IPTS is like a circle, The biggest opportunity  goes to IPTS as well, they were trained very good in instituiton. Credit hours, tutorial, test and quiz are same but different in practicum site. Unfortunately , when you failed on sceince stream it is very tough to enter IPTA. while IPTS you can get minimun of 5credit to enter pre-diploma, foundation or A level.

so that is "how" i differentiate IPTA and IPTS. Don't judge by its cover dear IPTA friends, don't be so snobbish on your recent studies. we gotta have a look. :)

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  1. I guess you got really annoyed :) but credit hours for IPTS not enough to enter IPTA my brother.