Monday, February 13, 2012

Who Will Be My Velentine 14/2/2012

I gonna tell you my story with a title " Who Will Be My Velentine" . Okay I know it's sounds very cute but have you ever think who is your velentine?? If you can see there a kissing couple " so sweet for me. But I always wanted to kiss someones, there's got one reason why i can't kiss people like people did in USA or Europe. My imagination always thought that my mom always be side me and my dad always taking care of me, and my brother and sister in- law always support me in many ways. So, there's goes and there's is a point. I can't kiss anyone with no reasons, I only can kiss people who i love very much. My velentine will be to My Mom my Dad my Brother and My sis In-Law. And I know, God Also will be my Velentine , Velentine Day never exist in Life but when it occur in Europe "so people get the velentine virus" . I wish you all have a Happy Life with Family and I wish for myself to have Happy Family .

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  1. life goes roung come backs around Melchi, nothing is like love in the air during valentine's day which is actually a saint's the day where love is being spread becos of St. Valentine...
    any way mel, won't you be able to love someone who caught your eyes one day and caught you heart....don't worry that momment will come soon....since we're all getting old... :D ok...text me when you can...