Thursday, October 14, 2010

what a day!

Today history...... on Thursday. Mathematics paper one must be easy though. But, with that 1hours and 15minutes does not give me a chance to answering all. 40 question on it, i only manage only a few. 15more question that i have to answer. When the time is finished, i try so very hard to choose the best answer but no excuses that i only answering it without thinking and calculation. Im so frustrated!! I hope for my paper 2!!

Thursday NighT.. tuition biology at smart tuitions. and Friday is Chemistry paper 3 test. What should i do then. I must score the paper 3. thank god to my friends cause telling me whats come outs for tomorrow Heat of neautralization. Well, i need to bring chemistry books to tuition center. Must try to read or memorise.. i don't want to get D on my chemistry I want C,B or A.

It was so Horridble that next month is spm. sometime we love spm sometime we dont. feel different by these year. Nervous & happy is all together. wanna finish the spm then can go for Long holiday everywhere. Can't wait for PLKN too. and nervous to get RESULT. and Nervous about where I study..

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