Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Holiday will always start with Sick!

I think it is Hay fever, As I come abroad from Thailand, KL and to borneo i feel something very strange around me. I think the weather is not good for me to breath! Well, I know the place which is suitable for me. The place that suitable for me is in UK. Okay! I know you all said " oo" but with four season i think i can survive. I love Cold, I love chill I love four season.

Upon Arrival in Bintulu the pilot gave us (passenger) weather information, the information was " the weather in bintulu is 39*c and after rain. that means Hujan Panas. I know the vapour and it can cause a lot of virus release in air. So, without electron-micro-scope ( Microbiology fields) i don't know if there any virus in air. Hay fever is likely describe to Pollination , Smokes (air or from cigarette) . I hope i can recover very fast and very soon.. :( i hate fever..

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