Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Here my journal.

My journal! ready to be publish! 16th November 2011
I was back from K.Lumpur to Bintulu, My flight was okay. I slept the whole flight way back to Bintulu. I was in ILL and tired, before that on 15th November me and my friends were out from 3pm till 3am in the morning. The past time i remembered! And my friends sent me to KLIA at 6 in the morning. My eyes are so tired and don't have the ability to walk.

Once I arrived in Bintulu Airport, i felt so relieves! in long flight i was sick and tired. In my mind was, i want to sleep whole day in my sweet home. 1week sicks killed me! I vomited , because i'm so damn tired. Well, tomorrow morning i asked my brother to go to clinic. My brother brought me to seek a doctor. Doctor checked me and my temperature was high, about 39*c body temperature. Back home, i ate my medicine and prepared wet towel to put on my fore head.

I week after, my friends arrived from miri. That time, me and my friends were jogging at the melenium park. And we meet in one place called lagoon. Evening! we still wanted to talk. theres a lot of topic to be shared with friends.Non stop talking and talk actives.

Weekends, my friends stayed overnight at my house. Friends from PLKN. I missed them alot! they're meant to me! I'm sorry that i couldn't invite you earlier. Infact i was sick. Nice to see them once again, felt very relieves. I know one day we'll meet again. I suppose next year we meet again for semester break. I just want to say, goodluck to all my friends and all the best in University. Believes in Your self!.

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